Citadel DAO Launch Update

Citadel DAO
2 min readJul 5, 2022

Since inception, Citadel DAO has been focused on building a large community owned and governed treasury with autonomous productivity and reward sharing for long term users. To achieve this goal, it’s imperative Citadel has a healthy launch with a robust asset accumulation. We believe the healthiest launch for Citadel will come in a healthy DeFi ecosystem — unfortunately, the DeFi ecosystem is still working through unhealthy circumstances. As a result, Citadel will be delaying its launch.

The tech is ready, audited, and tested but with patience, we can learn from the current landscape, optimize financial modelling, and continue to fortify tech even further. Patience also means avoiding mistakes, learning from others, and innovating where opportunities arise. Work will continue to be done to ensure Citadel DAO has the best chance to succeed and remain adaptable regardless of uncontrollable market conditions. Looking ahead, this will manifest with an ideal launch with an even more solid protocol in what we hope will be a much healthier atmosphere.

We know this news isn’t thrilling for the community — we emphasize we are grateful you all have stuck with us in these harsh crypto times. We do believe this is better for the community and DAO in the long term and strongly encourage all interested community members to join the conversation and share ideas to help shape the future of Citadel.

Citadel remains steadfast in its mission and will continue to provide updates as things progress. We intend to hold another Citadel Sessions | Town Hall to answer any questions the community may have. The exact date for this will be announced in the coming days. Following that, we look forward to updating the community as circumstances change.